Are you looking for a bully prevention program that students enjoy that actually works? Then look no further. Fabian Ramirez is a bullying speaker and uses comedy along with personal stories to motivate students towards change. Schools and organizations around the nation have partnered with Fabian to deliver a message of love and hope to their students.

Your school is next. Every school should have a prevention assembly that student actually love. His speaking demo alone will give you a glimpse of how students react to his message. Bullying is a hard topic to talk about but Fabian has found a way to challenge students to move towards treating either other with love and respect.

Plus he leaves audiences spellbound with the amount of humor that he uses. Invite Fabian to speak at your next school assembly and sit back and watch the school culture move towards being more loving and respectful.

One Response to “Bully Prevention Program For Schools”

  1. Marcia Teague

    28. Sep, 2013

    Interested in finding someone to speak to our school about bullying