Delinquency is a major epidemic and it is getting worse as time goes on. Adolescents are getting arrested for assaults and crimes in unprecedented numbers. The correction facilities and juvenile courts system cannot keep up with it.

Current programs already in place to combat the issue are overwhelmingly inadequate. This is what lead the government to issue grants to help find solutions where these children live and go to school in an attempt to help them before they get into the “system”.

The Community Prevention Grants Program (Title V) has provided local governments and communities with money through Federal grants in order to plan and develop programs and resources to help prevent delinquency among the youth. This can feel like an almost impossible task as delinquency rates seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there is hope.

Now that you’ve received money for the Community Prevention Grants Program (Title V) it is time to put it to work in the best way possible. What you need is a youth motivational speaker to come and speak about preventive measures schools can take to prevent bullying and drug usage with students.

This should be your first step, when hiring an educated and knowledgeable youth speaker with expertise in these areas, he will assist you in developing a foundation on which to build up the rest of your delinquency prevention program.

Why hire someone to come and speak? Most planning and collaboration problems occur because people don’t get on the same page about issues, usually due to ignorance. Having someone who can not only motivate and inspire people to get involved, but also educate them and teach them about the core issues and effective solutions can you effectively get the synergy needed to really accomplish your prevention goals.

The absolute best youth speaker for the job is Fabian Ramirez. He knows how to reach teenagers where they are at and bring them up to a new level. He has expertise in Anti-Drug prevention programs, Anti-Bullying programs, School Dropout Prevention programs, Youth Leadership programs and more.  If you are looking for more than to simply have him speak, he also leads seminars and facilitates workshops to make sure you get the help that you need.

Adolescent delinquency is a problem we can no longer ignore. If what you have been doing in the past is not getting you the results you want, why not give something new and bring in a fresh, yet proven perspective? Book Fabian Ramirez to speak at your school or community event today.

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