Education Is Not Losing Value

Posted on 15. Sep, 2010 by in Speaker Videos

On my recent trip to Chicago I read an article in USA today about how Americans are feeling that Education is not as valuable as it once was. The economy has taken it’s toll on the value of Education. I agree to an extent but research still shows that people with a degree make more money than their counterparts.

The value of Education is still there but people are going to have to choose what school they are going to attend because some schools are overpriced. This is true so if you are a parent, do your research on schools in your area or a state school as a primary choice. Some schools will help financially with tuition as well.

Before you say no to higher education be sure to check out the kind of job you want to be doing in the future and look at the requirements of those positions. Most jobs have prerequisites and the first being a college degree.

If your students are having a hard time grasping the importance of college, consider hiring a youth speaker come to your school to share the benefits of attending college so they can catch a vision to one day be a college graduate.

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