Have you ever thought about what youth go through when they are homeless? How about what teens endure when they spend time moving from one foster family to another. Every child should have their basic needs provided for: food, shelter and clothing. After that, a place they can call home and have privacy and it be a healthy environment where they are safe and able to thrive.

Foster Youth Conference

Fabian after speaking to foster youth in Corpus Christi, TX

There are so many rights that foster children have that some don’t think they have. Fabian was invited to the Annual Texas Foster Youth & Leadership Conference in Corpus Christi, TX that is held by Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend. He was a speaker during the lunch hour and he was able to connect to students who have had to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Fabian started by sharing information about how he grew up in Houston, TX making foster youth in the audience laugh. He recalls the moment vividly, “I’ll never forget the smile on the students faces, it was contagious, my only wish was to make them laugh forever but I know some will soon return to a hard way of life”.

Fabian went on to talk about his hardship in middle school in which he was bullied by a guy that was bigger than he was. He talked about having to walk that lonely road in middle school and how it was one of the worst times in his life. He did talk about about it eventually got better but it had a huge impact on his confidence. This is why he makes fun of himself, it’s a tactic he uses so that students don’t feel overly depressed about his situation. Plus he wins over students with his humor early on in his presentation.

If you are planning to invite a youth conference speaker for foster kids, I would at least look into inviting Fabian Ramirez to be a keynote speaker, your youth-aged students will love his message. You can read and watch his speaking reviews here.

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