School administrators, counselors and teachers doing research on inspiring speakers, are you ready to change the culture of your high school?

Schools have a tendency of doing the same programs year after year and bringing in the same speakers with the same message.

It’s time to bring a youth speaker to your high school to motivate your students to kick it up a notch. Just like adults, teenagers need a boost of confidence that can be spoken into them through a motivational speaker. Imagine your students in the gym, cafeteria or auditorium sitting on the edge of their seats laughing and listening to a young energetic speaker sharing humorous stories while motivating them to live out their dreams by making positive decisions at school.

Do you want your students talking about college and becoming leaders at your high school?

Truth is, your students are hungry for something new and different, fun and innovative, so planning an assembly at your school demonstrates to your students that you care about them.

A speaker who targets teens understands the social characteristics that they have and presents a message that breaks barriers that are often in place between students and school administrators. Students are interested in adult roles that include leadership and high-level decision making yet most are not challenged to live out their potential at school. Students are the leading factors of cultural change, so if you want to change the school’s culture, get students motivated to take action.

Why it’s best to invest in a speaker?

If you are planning a youth event at your high school, it’s best to invest in a keynote speaker that can make you, the event planner, look good. A hired speaker will produce the results you want for the following reasons:  1. they know you are investing in your students and 2. they want you to refer them to your colleagues.  So why not get your students excited about a future event that will change their lives.

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