Are you an Educator looking to invite a youth motivational speaker to your high school to speak to your teen audience? If so you have come to the right place. We represent the best youth speakers in the United States and there are a handful who can really deliver a life changing speech.

Here are some tips for you as you proceed with your search for a teen speaker:

  • Do they have a demo video. Not just a talking head video of them talking about their topics or why you should hire them, but an actual video of them speaking to teens. This is the social proof you need to always look for when researching speakers. Here is an example of a Anti Bullying Speaker who has a demo video of him speaking to a teen audience and you can hear their reaction.
  • The next social proof you should look for are reviews. Look to see what others are saying about the speaker after they hired them to speak to their teens. You may want to contact a couple of people who have hired them in the past to get insight information you may need before paying for a speaker. The good ones will say that it was money well spent and they would hire him/her again.
  • The last thing you should do is contact the speaker or booking manager and ask about price. Sadly, this is where a lot of school educators start. They may have a limited budget and so they end up going with someone local or hire from within. Be cautious of hiring solely on price, because just like in many purchases, you get what you paid for. The last you want as an event planner is to do all the work it takes to put on a high school assembly only to have students bored out of their minds. Why not do a little extra work, spend a little extra money and hire the best high school motivational speakers in the industry and walk away from the event pleased and looking like a rock star yourself.

Get in contact with our office, we represent the top speakers in the youth market and are standing by waiting to respond to your request. Enjoy your next school assembly!

high school youth motivational speaker

High School Speaker Motivating Teens

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