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Kids are very easy to talk to, as making the pitch of your voice a little higher would be fairly enough. Adults, too, have very much cultivated themselves to know what to do when they are being talked to. Teenagers, on the other hand, will require so much more effort on your side.

It’s not that young people are generally disrespectful. It just happens that, being in a transition stage, they are at a very emotionally unstable time in their lives. They don’t know what proper conduct means, they don’t even care about what people think about them. For most teenagers, the world revolves around them, everything else that disagrees should go away. That’s the reason why a lot of parents go haywire once their child gets into adolescence period. Now, if talking to one teenager is excruciatingly difficult, what more talking to a large group of teenagers?

Motivational speeches for the youth are conducted for a few simple reasons, and one would be to actually motivate the young people. However, given the problem that I have stated earlier, how can it be possible for a motivational speech to be successful conveyed to an audience comprised of gangly teenagers? Believe it or not, we all know the answer: it is to simply get hold of their attention. But as to how that could be done, there is only one person who knows. Leave it to a motivational speaker for youth audience.

A motivational speaker for youth audience is not just like any individual, or not just like any speaker for that matter. He is very much acquainted with the right weapons to use against the rebellious customs of young people. He knows how to give off his messages and keep his authority over his audience without being too intimidating. He knows how to catch the hearts of his young audience by connecting to them in such a manner that not everyone can do.

Young people are wayward in nature. Although not all of them act it out, their minds work exactly in such way. A teenage audience might appear to be intently listening to a speaker, but his imagination could actually be wandering off. Again as I said earlier, one of the reasons why motivational speeches are given is to actually motivate the audience. Without a motivational speaker that can speak to youth, how will this be possible?

How much does a youth speaker charge schools?

This is an important question to ask but not the most important. Event planners need to be asking what their immediate needs are no matter what the cost. If you are looking to hire a youth speaker you will find that the price will range from $500-$5,000. Yes, I know it may sound crazy to pay someone to speak to young people. Your first initial reaction is to find someone to volunteer their time and come speak. Before you make this mistake that so many schools make be sure to ask around at some speakers who do this for a living.

Think about it this way, if teachers in your school district were all volunteers, how productive will they be? My point exactly, money motivates people, that is why when you pay a speaker to come and give a speech to your students, rest assure they will bring a little more energy than the volunteer that you wanted to bring in. So start your search or contact us for some recommendations.

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