Latino speakers

Latino speakers

Gabe Salazar and Fabian Ramirez are getting ready for the 2010-2011 school year. As youth speakers, they get to speak to thousands of teenagers every year motivating them to put their education first and follow their dreams by making positive choices.

October of every year includes two special weeks which these two are experts in, Red Ribbon Week and drug awareness, and Bullying Prevention month.

Red Ribbon Week 2010

Salazar is already booked for Red Ribbon week which occurs the week of October 23-31, 2010. He will be speaking at several schools in the Dallas / Fort Worth area in Texas.

Gabe Salazar is a Professional Youth Speaker who travels the world giving teens a message of hope. Gabe was born to a teen mom and was abandoned by his biological father. He says he felt his birth was merely an accident, but when he discovered his purpose as a teen motivational speaker, he realized his life was “no accident.” His focus is helping teens make positive choices and giving them a reason to dream.

Bullying Prevention Month 2010

Ramirez on the other hand gets to share his message about school bullying, a topic that is becoming popular with this speaker. He endured bullying in middle school so his message comes straight from the heart to the students that get to hear it. Fabian has been able to train youth and adults during the summer and partnered with community centers from the City of Fort Worth.

Fabian’s true passion is motivating students to pursue a higher education. He has given keynotes and seminars titled, Barrio to the University. He gives details about how he went from being horrible in math to receiving a Masters degree in Management.

Today, both these Latino youth speakers are anxious to what the new school year will bring them and looking forward to having a positive influence in the lives of teens across America. America is looking more and more Latino, and now thanks to these two, so are professional speakers. Contact us for bookings.

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