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Posted on 10. Jul, 2010 by in Book A Youth Speaker

Last Minute Planning

Last Minute Planning

So you are planning an event for youth and you don’t have a speaker, what do you do? First let me remind you that most people who are searching for speakers typically are not event planners. In fact they are put in charge of an event and don’t have a clue of where to turn to hire someone to speak to their students.

Waiting for the last minute to book a speaker happens often. Primarily because of funding. Event planners don’t often have the budget they need to plan a successful conference or school assembly. Sometimes a speaker can opt out of your event causing you to panic and search for a replacement, this happens at times as well.

So what do you do when you are up against the wall and short on time? You be upfront with different speakers that you are contacting. One thing is for sure, it’s hard to negotiate when you are limited on time. Taking your time to book a speaker can cost you in the end, especially when you take flight arrangements into account.

Look for a speaker that can make a quick decision about being able to make it to your event. If you can find somebody local, it would be best because they can make their own arrangements for travel and they are more likely to say yes. Don’t expect everybody you contact to say yes to your event, even if you have the money to pay them, some speakers will only do certain kind of events or a certain amount of events every month.

As an event planner you are in control to an extent, speakers will work with you when you are up front about the situation you are in. Be careful, because some will take advantage of the short notice. The good speakers will own your situation and help make it a smooth process and successful event.


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