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When is Red Ribbon Week 2017?
October 23-31, 2017

Is your school ready to promote and participate in red ribbon week in 2016? Schools across the United States are planning red ribbon week activities to bring an awareness about staying drug-free. All week long students have an opportunity to hear from D.A.R.E. police officers, school administrators, drug awareness speakers and DEA agents as they all talk about demand reduction among teens.
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What is Red Ribbon Week?

The campaign is a week long effort in which everyone at school and work get to show their support of being drug free by wearing a red ribbon which is used as a symbol of support to stay off drugs. Schools have programs all week long and students learn about different drugs and why it’s important to stay away from them and how to deal with peer pressure. The campaigns have been effective and students are made aware of how trying drugs can have severe consequences.

The prevention week started to honor a fallen Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent by the name of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. DEA agent Camarena was tortured to death after going undercover to help reduce drug trafficking on the Mexican borders.

Red Ribbon Week Speakers for School Assemblies

One of the best ways in which to get your students excited about Red Ribbon week is to bring in a youth speaker to address the consequences of doing drugs. It’s healthy to get a neutral person who cares about teens and wants them to make positive decisions.

An anti-drug speaker can create a drug awareness in such a way that captures the students attention. Speakers know to use humor, props, and storytelling to get the message about drugs across to teens. Students will laugh and be challenged at the same time to say no to drugs. Schools are encouraged to purchase a red ribbon or bracelet for every student at their school so they can wear them all week long as a reminder of being drug free. Being drug free is a choice and students across American make lifetime decisions to stay away from drugs and alcohol during this week.

Points used to shape Red Ribbon Message:

Truth about drug usage
Different kind of drugs and how they effect the body system
How the mind is affected by drug abuse
Getting caught with drugs (jail, jobs, friends, family)
How to deal with peer pressure from other students or neighborhood kids
What a drug-free life can do for students
How I live drug-free and how it’s changed my life

Youth speakers typically fill up this week on their calendars fairly quick so be sure to book a speaker as soon as possible. Give your students a treat by having a red ribbon school assembly and invest in your students by hiring a motivational speaker to inspire them to make positive life-changing decisions.

Youth Speakers

If you are looking to book a youth speaker during red ribbon week, contact us and we’ll give you some suggestions.

Limited due to School Budget this year?

Red Ribbon Week IdeasWe highly recommend investing in Red Ribbon Week Videos. Purchase DVD set once and use it year after year. This video series comes with Leader Guides, Student Guides and PowerPoint presentations to help facilitate discussion in the classroom. School across the country are using these videos to open up life-changing discussions in their schools.

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    Not sure if my request went through. We have a $1000 – $3000 budget. Our students are K-8, but we would be happy to provide the assembly for 5th-8th grade students. This will be our first year hosting an assembly for Red Ribbon Week. We would provide 45 minutes for our speaker. If the speaker does well with all ages, we could provide a 25-minute assembly for K-4.