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Posted on 17. Nov, 2010 by in Bullying Speaker

School bullying is becoming an increasingly aggressive form of harassment. It comes in the form of verbal, physical or psychological abuse. Bullies may use hitting, punching or any other form of physical violence on their victims. They may verbally assault them or threaten their victims with violence. For the children who are the target of bullying it can be a devastating experience. It affects their performance, their self-esteem and can alter how they interact with others students as well.

Fabian Ramirez, a school bullying speaker says the following:

Bullying is reduced when victims surround themselves with true friends instead of bystanders

Many victims of school bullying are picked on or harassed for reasons that would normally be a compliment. For example they are too smart or they have lots of friends. Some become the target because they don’t look strong or able to defend themselves. It happens on school grounds, which may include inside classrooms, hallways or playgrounds. It is also a very isolating experience for victims as well.

Bullying may cause anxiety in some children and affect how well they perform in school. Good grades may decrease because of the torment and they may also want to stop going to school altogether. Depending on the level of torment they may find excuses to stay home or begin to ditch class as a result. It can also cause depression in school aged children and encourage anti-social behavior. Parents may notice their children become less talkative or disinterested in social situations. They may want to spend more time in their room or away from others.

Bullying occurs in almost every school. It may be viewed as harmless behavior but has been the cause behind many school shootings and violent retaliations. It can escalate out of control in a very short time and should be taken seriously before it is too late. Being aware of bullying and watching out for signs can help prevent a devastating situation later. Watch your child’s mood as well as behavior and create a safe environment for them to talk and express themselves. The more comfortable they are talking to you can help eliminate the harassment they face on a regular basis. Be empathetic and take bullying seriously so you can take effective action.

2 Responses to “School Bullying Teen Speaker”

  1. Donna Laubli

    18. Nov, 2010

    As you mentioned, school bullying is such a nasty act that effects not only the victum but their friends, famliy and community…so to help change this, programs which address the culture of the school is most important.
    Its also important to understand why a child feels the need to bully. If we can help solve the problem we can find a solution, and the problem starts with the bully.
    More time could be spent with these children and help change their behaviours at an early age, break habbits early and the results are greater.
    Bullying is serious, and I coach people re bullying from school children to adults, and the lasting effects of being bullied are sad and frutstrating to see.
    Lets help educate, support and motivate students to think of their actions, behaviours and beliefs towards others and help create a great environment in schools.
    Donna Laubli
    Inner Hero Pty Ltd

  2. admin

    12. Jan, 2011

    Thanks Donna for your comment. I agree about breaking the habits of bullying and I also think that middle school bullying effects whether or not a student will advance to college. I was bullied in middle school and there is a lot of information that I didn’t learn about Math and Science. I almost didn’t pass the ninth grade.