Youth Leadership Conferences

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Throughout the year, speakers are hired to give keynotes at youth leadership conferences across the United States. The following are just a few of those conferences:

Youth Leadership Conference Speakers

Youth Leadership Conference Speaker


Family Career and Community Leaders of America is a nonprofit organization for young people in both public and private schools. FCCLA has family as it’s central focus. It operates with the school as a vocational student organization. Students have the opportunity to participate locally, at the state level and nationally. The base of operations for FCCLA is Reston, Virginia. Originally know as The Future Homemakers of America, the organization merged with The New Homemakers of America in 1965 and focused more attention on career preparation.

Distributive Educational Clubs of America also has a college level organization. It was founded in 1946 and more than 10 million students have participated in it’s programs for business professionals. DECA improves  college preparation and career work by providing co-curricular programs that work with  classroom instruction, applying learning as it relates to business and connects business and the community and promotes competition. Student members leverage their DECA experience to become prepared, community minded,  responsible leaders. 

Lead For Diversity
Lead for Diversity is a week-long leadership program for high school and college students. Lead For Diversity focuses on diversity in New Jersey and is presented by the American Conference on Diversity Youth Leadership Institute. Participating schools select a delegation of students that displays an interest in diversity and inter-group relations, motivation, and leadership abilities. The program includes interactive workshops, small group experiences, and experiential learning. Participants gain the needed skills to be successful with conflict resolution. This program is free for New Jersey high school and college students.

The goal of youth leadership conferences it to provide young people with skills needed to be leaders in their schools and local communities. Programs are available across the country and several programs exist for “at-risk” young teenagers. If you represent a conference and would like to hire a youth speaker, please contact us.

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