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What It Takes to Be a Good Youth Speaker?

Youth Speaker

Youth Speaker

Although speaking is a talent, it takes a lot more than that to become a good speaker, more so, an effective youth speaker. Youth are composed of a diverse crowd or audience. Not to mention, they can be very sensitive too.  It is crucial to get their attention and keep them glued to whatever you are talking about, or else, your effort will only be futile.  If you have been thinking of becoming a speaker to the youth, or you have been doing the job but want to improve on your craft, be aware of the characteristics which make a good speaker.

First, it is important to be sincere.  Youth want a speaker who is “real”.  They want someone who is not trying to make a fool out of them.  You can do this by first, speaking in a conversational tone.  Second, speak with passion.  Talk about the things you truly believe in.  Third, let the youth know some of your secrets, so they can know who you are as a person.

The next quality of a good youth speaker is being knowledgeable.  Youth, although young, are not stupid.  They can tell whether the person in front of them is talking with sense.  You have to master your content as a youth speaker.  It is only when you truly know about your topic that you are able to give practical advice on it.  If you are bookish, then your speech would not bear any fruit because theories don’t usually work especially among kids.

The third important quality you must have as a good youth speaker is humor.  Remember that you are talking with a young audience. Their attention is short and they get easily distracted.  When you are humorous, kids tend to pay more attention to what you are talking about. Plus students want for the speaker to do a good job. For some listening to a speaker is a way to get out of class but for others it will be a defining moment and they will catch a vision of becoming a college graduate and within a matter of time, they will be become just that.

Always speak to what you are, if you are a Latino, you may benefit from putting yourself out there as a Hispanic youth speaker, students want to relate to people who either look like them or have a message they can relate to.

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